What is EMDR? An explanation for children….


I met a friend named Ana Gomez who taught me all about what kids need when they have had yucky things happen to them. When yucky things happen to us, we get mixed up thoughts and feelings. Ana taught me about the three storytellers, which are our minds, hearts, and bodies. Our storytellers don’t feel good when we have mixed up thoughts and feelings, when yucky things have happened to us.

I also have another friend named “Rocky the Rat”. He is one of my EMDR helpers. He has a backpack on his back that can get very heavy with mixed up thoughts and feelings too! His mixed-up thoughts and feelings are like rocks that weigh him down. Your mixed-up thoughts and feelings might make you feel heavy too! Here is a picture of Rocky.

Rocky knows that Billie-Jo can help kids get rid of the yucky thoughts and mixed-up feelings so that they can feel better and have room for good feelings and good thoughts. The way that we do this is with something called EMDR, where we can move our eyes when we are thinking about the yucky thing…and guess what? The yucky stuff gets chewed up and digested by our brain! EMDR helps our brains sort things out so we can feel better!!


Rocky and I look forward to meeting you and showing you more about EMDR!



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