What is the EMDR-SANDTRAY Protocol?

The EMDR-SANDTRAY protocol is a very powerful therapeutic intervention for clients that present with dysregulation of the affective system and who require greater distance from the traumatic material. This can include clients who use a number of mechanisms of adaptation and may present with trauma related phobias.

Sometimes it can be too difficult or upsetting to reprocess traumatic memories using the standard EMDR approach. The use of the Sand Tray allows the client to maintain distance from the traumatic material, while effectively reprocessing yucky or bad memories and neutralizing the discomfort and eliminating symptomology associated with the traumatic material.

The EMDR-SANDTRAY protocol is an effective modality for children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing affect dysregulation as a result of complex trauma. A wonderful asset of the EMDR- SANDTRAY protocol is the capacity it has to access the right brain through the use of stories, symbols and archetypes.



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