What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an advanced brain training technology. It works with your own brain and central nervous system, enabling it to function and perform at it’s best.  NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training system for your brain. No diagnosis is required, as the system dances mathematically with your own nervous system, offering it information through the auditory channel. This feedback allows the brain to make shifts, essentially allowing it to correct itself. It allows the brain to calm, relax, feel clearer, happier and allows the person to better function.  In essence it helps to create more flexibility in the brain.

Who can benefit from NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

Every brain can utilize the benefits of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, meeting it’s own state of optimal. Training is entirely effortless. Many find training extremely relaxing. Others like to read, or even do homework while receiving a session.

Many have described NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback as a life changing technology. It is founded in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, neurology, non-linear dynamics, and electrical engineering. I have personally met many people who say their training with NeurOptimal® was life changing.

NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback Research

Research is ongoing and varied, as was presented at the recent NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2018).  Some of the presentations that I heard about at the conference included the use of NeurOptimal® as an adjunct or primary approach for improving athletic ability, skill and focus, helping children with ADD/ADHD, the use of NeurOptimal® with an Alzheimer patient whose brain calmed during training, the use of NeurOptimal® with combat war vets to help with symptoms of PTSD such as sleep deprivation.  In addition, NeurOptimal® presentations included various personal stories of transformation from drug and alcohol struggles as well as other forms of mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.  One particularly fascinating study was published by Jean Alvarez, a social psychologist, which demonstrated the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a way of correcting the cognitive after-effects of cancer treatment (“Chemo brain”).

As I learned while attending the conference, many people find NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback only after searching when other methods of intervention did not work.  Here is a link to the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback website that outlines some of the findings people are having using NeurOptimal® as a primary or adjunctive method of intervention.


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