In May 2018, attended the 4th Neuroptimal(R) neurofeedback conference in Montreal, Canada. I am excited to be learning about the technology of this brain training system, as well as pondering the possibilities of integrating this brain training into my current therapy practice.

What is Neuroptimal(R) neurofeedback?

Neuroptimal (R) neurofeedback is brain training system that utilizes the brain’s own capacity to self heal. As human beings, we are geared towards healing, and growth. We are adaptive systems, but sometimes get stuck in patterns of disorganization or dysfunction.

I have been learning that the Neuroptimal(R) brain training system can have incredible impacts on the central nervous system, helping to achieve homeostasis as well as optimization of the system’s capacity to develop and grow.

The neuroptimal (R) brain training system can have profound impacts on many dysfunctional maladies such as anxiety, compulsions, self deprecating thoughts, as well as many other issues that get in the way of optimization of life experiences.

Stay tuned for further updates about the roll out of Neuroptimal (R) brain training at Healing Wings therapeutic services!!

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